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School Bus Service


  1. Availability of School bus facility entirely depends on the scheduled timings and location.
  2. The bus runs for the covenience of children without any liability whatsoever on the part of the authorities of the school.
  3. Any change of residence, does not guarantee continuity of the service and parents must make their own arrangements.
  4. If the pupil is found indisciplined while traveling in the school bus, he / she will be removed from the school bus facility.
  1. Disciplinary action will be taken if students indulge in disorderly conduct, use improper language, tampering with or defacing the bus and making unnecessary noises scuffling and fighting.
  2. If the residence of the child is located in a narrow or blind end street, it would only be possible to pick up the child at pre-determined place on the main road.
  3. As it is not possible to provide door service for everyone, the stages fixed by the management shall be final.
  4. No adult is permitted to accompany the child in the school Bus.
  5. On no accord should any transaction, of whatever description be entered into, with any of the staff accompanying the children in the bus. Any such transaction will be only at the parent's own risk and will not bind the School authorities in any way.
  6. The Management does not hold itself liable for any damage or loss incurred by the children during the transit in the school bus.

Note: Transport fee is subject to revision, as and when the Government revises the prices of petroleum products. Parents are therefore requested to contact the school office when the changes are made by the Government.